All About 1911 Holster OWB

1911 or M1911 tops the list when it comes to popular pistols in the world. the US military has been using it for 100 years, and it still fascinates them. They adopted it in 1911 and it still stands strong. There must be something magnificent about this pistol. We are here, not only to find that but also to discuss some best 1911 holster owb. 1911 is so stubborn that it fought two world wars and is still not outdated.


About 1911

1911, a semi-automatic pistol operating on a single recoil system, supports the magazine of a single stack. M1911 is known for its ergonomics. Best for the work environment, easy to grip and its super comfortable grip angel are some of the best features of this pistol. Designed by John Browning, the 1911 is a superb pistol. With some small changes like adding cutouts to the frame, M1911A1 was an upgraded version of 1911, and this M1911A1 went strong in World War 2.


I think we have had enough talks about the gun, the gun is so amazing, that the conversation can go on and on for hours and still not end. We are here to talk about something even more amazing, something that can make you fall in love with guns even if you don’t like guns. Yes! We are talking about holsters.


Owb( outside the waistband) holsters

How can a gun be called complete and perfect without its holster? It is the holster that protects the guns from wear and tear. A gun and a holster are inseparable combinations. Though holsters are worn around the waist, they can also be worn around the shoulder or ankle. 1911 holster owb (outside the waistband) is what we are up to in this article. So the owb holster is worn near your waistband, owb is considered the best place for fast access to the gun. It provides you with speedy access while you are standing or sitting and in a few more positions.


Talking specifically about 1911 holster owb, you should know that, there are many models of 1911, like 1911 ronin handguns,1911 garrison handguns, 1911 operator handguns, 1911 emissary handguns, 1911 trp handguns, 1911 mil-spec handguns, 1911 loaded handguns,1911 emp handguns and 1911 custom handguns. There is no lack of 1911 models. Now you must be thinking that for all these new models, you might require a brand new holster for each of them. That’s not true regarding leather holsters, one 1911 leather owb holster can work for all these models, but that might not be true for Kydex made holsters. If you choose a Kydex or a nylon holster, you might need a new holster if the gun undergoes some changes.


Important information

If you are thinking, that an owb holster is a conceal carry holster, look keenly. Outside the waistband holsters cannot hide your gun, this fact might not be entirely true. Professionals have mastered the art of concealing carrying the gun outside the waistband holster, you too can do it. If you are not a professional, you can wear oversized clothes, which might help in conceal carrying your gun.


Post Author: Cali Archer