BBQs 2U – Blackstone 22in – Your Portable Culinary Powerhouse

Standing inside the BBQs 2U store in Abersoch Garden Centre [Gwynedd, UK], you are listening to the salesperson discussing the brands in their inventory. Kamado Joe, Ooni, Masterbuilt, Blackstone, etc., are listed in their inventory.

BBQs 2U is a family business with 4-generations, a legacy created with excellent customer service. You get an explanation of the difference between grills and griddles.

The salesperson answers your question quickly yet in an easy way. You are new to the griddling landscape so you can start with the Blackstone 22in griddle.

The Blackstone 22″ tabletop griddle is compact in appearance but has punchy features that transform your patio, balcony, or campsite into a sizzling culinary dock.

This versatile griddle boasts a 361 square-inch cooking surface, dual independent burners, and a thoughtful design to cook everything from breakfast scrambles to restaurant-quality steaks.

Standard Features

· Heavy-Duty Rolled Steel Griddle

The 22″ griddle is crafted from thick, cold-rolled steel, which ensures even heat distribution and excellent heat retention. Ideally, you can cook seared steaks, crispy hash browns, and pancakes without burning.

Pro Tip: Preheat your griddle for at least 15 minutes before cooking to ensure consistent heat and prevent sticking.

· Dual Independently Controlled H-Burners

With 12,000 BTUs each, these burners supply severe heat, perfect for searing and simmering. You can create separate temperature zones. Sear your steaks on high heat at the back while simmering onions and peppers on low at the front – simultaneously on the same griddle!

Pro Tip: Use the burners independently to create a two-zone cooking system. Sear meats on high, then move them to the low zone to finish cooking while using the high zone for other ingredients.

· Integrated Grease Management System

No more messy spills! Excess grease channels into a removable tray, making cleaning a breeze. This thoughtful design keeps your griddle splatter-free and prevents flare-ups.

Pro Tip: Line the grease tray with foil for even easier cleanup. Simply discard the foil after each use.

· Adjustable-Height Rubber Feet

The adjustable feet ensure stability on any terrain, from your backyard patio to a wobbly picnic table at the campsite.

Pro Tip: Adjust the feet to create a slight tilt towards the grease tray for optimal drainage.

· Removable Front Grease Shield

This shield contains grease splatter and protects you. So you don’t have to worry about hot oil jumping onto your arms or clothes!

Pro Tip: Remove the grease shield for easier access using larger cooking tools like spatulas or griddle presses.

· Removable Griddle Top

This ingenious feature lets you keep cooked food warm while your main course sizzles below or use it for toasting buns or melting cheese.

Pro Tip: The removable top creates a makeshift griddle press for perfectly smashed burgers or paninis.

Remember: Seasoning your griddle regularly is crucial for optimal performance and non-stick properties. Use oil or shortening after each use to create a protective layer.

If you reside near Abersoch, follow BBQs 2U on Facebook to get updates on store hours, events and sales. The 22″ Blackstone is more than just a griddle – it is an invitation to explore the culinary landscape.

Post Author: Cali Archer