Create memories to last a lifetime when whale watching in Bermgui

There are some amazing natural world TV shows that provide professional camerawork showing creatures in their natural habitat. It’s little wonder that so many of the viewers dream of experiencing something like that for themselves.

Those who decide to travel to a town in the southern part of NSW can be involved with something that will create for them memories that will last a lifetime. There’s little wonder that whale watching in Bermagui receives so many positive reviews from those who head out on a tour into the ocean to get close to the beautiful mammals.

The Sapphire Coast is the perfect place to view the incredible Humpback Whales as they migrate and return to the Antarctic from the Great Barrier Reef. There’s little wonder that 13 million people across 100 countries go whale watching every year, and this part of the country offers the opportunity to see some of the 50,000 whales that are in transit.

The sighting of Southern Right Whales is also common as they head north between May and July, but it’s thought that a better experience can be gained as they return. Between August and September, they can be spotted feeding off the coast, including whales that indulge in ‘bubblenet’ feeding.

That means experiencing a pod of whales, which is a sight that nobody will forget. The tours offer great value for money, as they provide a 100% sighting guarantee. If no sighting, then a second trip is offered that can be used over the current and following season at no extra charge.

Once aboard the vessel, which is fully fitted with all modern amenities, the experienced crew offer advice and impart their knowledge so that everyone gets the most from their voyage and will know exactly what they are looking for. The ocean provides a stunning backdrop to the exhibition that unfolds.

Mothers teach their young calves as they learn what it takes to become an adult Humpback Whale, as they put on an acrobatic show that sometimes must be seen to be believed, as they learn how to tail slap and breach. And other creatures of the ocean also get in on the act, as regular sightings of flying fish, sunfish, turtles, Minke, Dolphins, Orca, Australian Fur Seals, penguins, and many species of sea birds add to the attraction.

Whale watching off the Sapphire Coast near Bermagui provides a voyage that will never be forgotten.

Post Author: Cali Archer