Difficulties that you will encounter with pdf files

What is the need of using pdf to word online converter? So that you can sort out some of the difficulties that you might encounter using pdf files. The difficulties include:

Difficulties in sharing

When there is some interest that people find in content that is interesting, they feel that it could be valuable to the rest; they want to share it on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and the LinkedIn. When you social share, it makes it possible for various companies to get content in front of several people. But if it happens that your content is in pdf, this opportunity will not be available to you.

You could have some readers that who might email the pdf to some of the their friends, assuming that the file is not a large one, whereby, they might have to go for third part services for file sharing like WeTransfer. But you might not achievethe exponential growth that is possible when it comes to sharing of online content.

It is impossible to control circulation and distribution

When the pdf is sent, then downloaded and shared, you will lose the control that you have over it. it is a problem because of the following three reasons:

  • If you happen to have distributed white papers, fact-sheets, brochures, eBooks, and other content in PDF through email or landing pages, and then something happens to need changes like your contact information, pricing model, or the business name, then you will be in problems. It will be hard for you to update the pdf after distributing it. You cannot recall it. it becomes hard to know the number of them which are currently in circulation.
  • In case you sent a pdf which has sensitive or private information such as proposal, there will be no way that you will be able to ensure that the documents are not forwarded or even shared with someone other than the ones you intended for.
  • If you put a pdf form behind your landing page so that you can get a lead generation, you have to know that the pdf will be distributed freely. There are those who might benefit from the content which you have produced but they will do so without giving any feedback to you.

So what alternative do you have?

When you are busy creating content, you have to put your audience first. Take an approach that is audience centric with the help of a content craft experience which will be able to grab the attention on your audience and leave an impression that is quite lasting.

Nowadays, the consumers’ digital content has to be one that is:

  • Mobile friendly and be accessible anywhere
  • Able to hold the attention of the consumer and quite engaging
  • Quiet aesthetic pleasing and highly visual
  • Personalized and interactive.

The above are points which you will not get with a pdf and thus, you will require a pdf converter which will place it in a format that meets the above points.

Post Author: Cali Archer