Driving traffic on your videos, using Google Ads: A quick guide

One of the basic rules, both online and traditional advertising, is to target the right people. That is why you have to inspect all possible channels to locate the target audience for the ads. This is where YouTube Ads campaigns take on special relevance.

Relevant aspects of the online video sector

Today the consumption of online videos is a habit that is more than widespread. Viewing figures are increasing every year and it will not take long to surpass the data of viewers of traditional media.

Advantages of YouTube Ads campaigns

We have seen how the online video sector is immersed in a positive trend and with great future expectations.

The fact of reaching the audience with an advertising format that includes image and sound makes it possible to go further. This is why advertising in video format can be very effective, but YouTube Ads campaigns also have other advantages.

Extensive targeting options

Like other types of PPC advertising in Ads, YouTube Ads campaigns offer a variety of segmentation options that allow you to target them towards the right audience. Determining things like location, demographics, topics, audiences, or placements will make viewers the best fit for your video’s advertising messages.

Simple creation of advertising campaigns

To start a YouTube Ads campaign, the essential thing is to have a channel on the platform to be able to link it with Google Ads and thus nurture the advertising with the desired videos. The only thing that would take a little more time is the creation of the videos.

Within Google Ads, YouTube campaigns do not require as powerful an investment as the search network. SEM is not one of the ones that require the most investment.

Reinforcement of other types of networks

In any sector or with any type of product, it is a great accompaniment to the other Google Ads advertising networks.

Keeping a site you can use for Search, Display and YouTube Ads campaigns on a par allows you to reach potential customers through all channels. For example, creating a list of audiences to use in a YouTube remarketing campaign is perfect for re-impacting a user who has previously entered the web page through search ads.

Post Author: Cali Archer