Elderly Monitoring: Tips On How To Identify Medical Emergencies!

Currently, different monitoring options for inpatient elderly are available in the market. They are essential for monitoring and detecting medical emergencies. In other words, they prevent disasters and help ensure the well-being of the elderly. They can’t be missed in nursing homes!

In this context, we present its leading surveillance solutions. Want to know how to maintain supervision of the elderly? Check out the options below!

1- Security Cameras

One of the ways to achieve the monitoring of the elderly in a nursing home is with security cameras. They serve to watch over and accompany the eldest. Thus, even from a distance, the person responsible for the patient will identify medical emergencies. That is, through observation of movements and behavior.

The solution is valid to avoid disturbing the sick person unnecessarily when he is in his room. To ensure proper monitoring, cameras can be installed at strategic points in the room. Ideally, they are installed in places where it is possible to observe the older adult from different angles. A good alternative is to choose more hidden places where the patient does not see them all the time. Thus, he does not feel that he is being watched, feeling more comfortable in his environment.

2- Monitoring Center

Another option to monitor and accompany the elderly inside the hospital is the monitoring center. This solution is a panel that provides images from all the security cameras. That is, it allows viewing on a single monitor. Thus, any emergency will be identified immediately by the person in charge. That is, regardless of the room where the situation occurs.

This solution offers:

  • camera integration;
  • immediate view of any issues;
  • more excellent safety for patients;
  • prevention of more significant problems.

Ideally, the control room should be located in an easily accessible area. It is essential that any nurse can come in and carry out monitoring of the elderly.

Other Solutions For Nursing Homes

In addition to the security camera and the central to monitor the elderly, it is possible to install other equipment to help in medical emergencies. Check out!

Alert Buttons

They can be installed next to beds, for example. So, if the patient feels the need, he can trigger help himself. That way, the chances of disasters are even lower since this system can be combined with the above options.

IP Telephony And Interphony

Despite being a kind of electronic concierge, the IP Telephony and Interphony system can be installed internally in environments where there is a need. This is the case in nursing homes, for example.

If a base is installed close to the nurses and other units in different spaces of the enclosure, major emergencies are avoided. That’s because anyone who passes by a sick person in need can call in and call a doctor. Click here for more info forbel.com

Post Author: Cali Archer