Importance Of E-Learning To Companies And The Digital Age

E-learning is an interesting tool for businesses because it allows employees to be up to date regarding the latest market trends and that they can always be to renew their strategies and processes.

With the advancement of information technologies and the internet, and because everyone increasingly uses these technologies, inevitably, companies will not adapt to these changes. Currently, the job market has changed at an ever-increasing speed, and both companies and employees must be able to reinvent themselves and become more competitive. And it is based on these premises; e-learning assumes a fundamental role. It solves. It solves a series of problems that companies and their employees currently have, such as costs, availability of timetables, among others.

How Important Is E-Learning In The Digital Age?

The digital age implies profound changes, both in the behavior of individuals and in groups and organizations. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and digital media, a massive amount of information is exchanged at every moment, including new methodologies, solutions, and ways of dealing with different situations.

Scholars of this era describe the current corporate world from the acronym VUCA, which means:

Volatile: full of dynamic and fickle changes

Uncertain: time-honored standards are questioned at all times

Complex: several internal and external factors impact decisions so that there is no single right path

Ambiguous: reality can be interpreted from different points of view, which makes assertive decision-making difficult.

In this scenario of uncertainties and fast-paced changes, professionals and companies must keep themselves updated and relevant to ensure their competitiveness, which requires constant adaptations in educational content and tools.

Hence, e-learning promotes interaction and exchange of knowledge frequently and allows for faster updating without the student having to attend an educational institution.

Advantages Of E-Learning

Betting on e-learning in sites like adds several benefits for teachers, tutors, students, companies, and educational institutions.

Below, we list the main advantages:

  • The training is student-centered, allowing them to follow their own pace of studies.
  • Access to classes and modules from anywhere in the world, with few resources (computer/smartphone/tablet and internet)
  • Possibility to study on the best days and times
  • Allows the exchange of knowledge between students, teachers, and tutors
  • Savings on amounts spent on transportation to an educational institution
  • When compared to the face-to-face modality, e-learning has a lower cost
  • It expands the resources used in teaching, including complimentary materials, interactive content, videos, games, among others
  • Provides quick updates for company employees
  • Automates tasks, dispensing, monitoring of attendance, and registration of activities by the teacher.

Post Author: Cali Archer