Signs It’s Time to Find a New Packaging Supplier

Considering the true cost of packaging and its effect on your brand and bottom line will you determine whether or not your packaging suppliers are a great fit. While you can carry out formal packaging audits, there are signs that may make you decide it is time to source corrugated packaging from another supplier. These signs include the following:

The Packaging Does Not Meet your Requirements

Packaging designers define specifications related to the materials, structure, and shape of every product’s packaging. Packaging specifications take into account a lot of factors including weight distribution, fulfillment methods, and product tolerances. These make sure that products and materials make it through the entire supply chain without being damaged. However, your suppliers m ay not deliver exactly what you requested and paid for. Should you find out that your packaging does not meet your specifications and requirements, you may want to re-asses your supplier. A great supplier like will deliver packaging solutions that adopt to your changing packaging needs.

There is Lack of Transparency and Communication

With transparency, it will be hard to direct, implement, and measure any changes to your packaging program. This is going to be a serious problem is you are trying to manage packaging from another country. In this situation, you need to depend on your suppliers to offer you the information and insights you need to make strategic packaging decisions.

Consider how quickly your current supplier gets back to you with answers to your questions. Also, how responsive are they when you send them requests or instructions? Remember that the retail world tends to move fast and you cannot afford to be left behind just because you have a packaging partner that does not get the adjustments in on time.

With supply chain and logistics, your business may have outgrown the capabilities of your packaging supplier. But, your business must run as efficiently as possible. if you are not happy with the quality of service your current supplier is giving, you must not feel locked into them. There are a lot of packaging companies out there that can give you better results.

Your Supplier Has a Bad Reputation

If consumers find out that your packaging supplier violates human rights or pollutes the environment, your brand could be seriously hurt. Thus, you must have full visibility regarding how your supplier operates and who they work with. Keep in mind that second- and third-party suppliers can be as damaging to your brand if consumers can associate bad actors with your products or packaging in any way.

Post Author: Cali Archer