The most common misconceptions of modular houses

If you think that modular homes are boring, cookie-cutter houses, think again! This article should dispel some misconceptions commonly.

First of all, a modular and manufactured house is not the same thing.

Fabricated houses are mobile homes, while a modular house is built part per room in a closed factory setting, designed according to the specifications of a manufacturer, with many floor planes to choose and many possibilities unique design.

There are different standards and construction codes of houses. Modular homes must comply with the same local and state codes and on-site, traditionally built houses. These codes may vary from state to state. The manufactured houses must conform only to the HUD box code. Codes for modular houses are in most cases more in-depth and involve the regulation of energy efficiency.

The houses manufactured are transported on a steel frame, which remains attached to the house and allows the house to be moved. Modular houses are transported in covered and weather-resistant housings and built on site in a cast foundation, such as a traditional house.

Modular houses offer many custom design options and amenities. A manufactured house is available with three design options, usually: a single scale, double wide and tripled.

Because a modular house is built on a basis, lenders age in the same way as traditional homes. The manufactured houses appear in the form of automotive loans, or under a separate loan category.

Is the construction process shorter than the traditional building?

Depending on the design and manufacturer, some modular homes can be built in the factory as little as 2 weeks. In addition, as the house is built in a factory setting, there is never meteorological delay. Once delivered to the site, most modular houses can be assembled in two months, often less.

Do not all modular homes are not alike, however?

Not at all. An innovative housing manufacturer will have hundreds of designs and floor plans. These floor plans can be modified to customize your new home. While the constructions of the simplest modular houses of the past resembled houses made – a.k.a. “Mobile Homes” -New The construction and ecological design of construction and design have given modules more design and flexibility options than before.

Post Author: Cali Archer